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Places of worship as placemaking sites.

Holy Houses Rotterdam aims to bring together civil servants, religious communities, cultural entrepeneurs, social partners and other citizens around religious heritage sites to seek a collective answers to the question:

What can houses of worship mean, now and in the future, for their surroundings in a developing city with ever-changing needs?

Three Integrated Lines.

The Holy Houses project consists of three distinct but inseparable program lines:

- Building New Networks

- Co-Creating New Programs

- Organising A Public Festival

In the synergy between these three progam lines lies the trust, inspiration and motivation needed to bind together different communities around the various religious heritage sites.

It is society as a whole, afterall, that will need to come up with answers to fundamental questions about the future of these places.

Rotterdam december 2022-5.jpg

Media Productions.

As we organise, connect and co-create, we are always keen to produce high-quality content to help to inspire others within - and beyond - the city's borders.

Want to learn more?

As we do not have an English verion of our webiste (yet!), please do not hesitate to get in touch by mailing us at the following adress.


For those eager to brush up on their Dutch language skills, please follow the link to our project website below:

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